Our Mission

The Clean Marine program is an ongoing endeavor by a marine industry alliance determined to provide environmentally clean facilities and protect coastal and inland waters from pollution through compliance of best management practices.

Oceans and Bays

Join our alliance of salt water marina and yacht club operators.

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Rivers and Lakes

Join our alliance of fresh water marina and yacht club operators

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Waterfront Facilities

Join our alliance of boatyards and waterfront services operators.
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We are pleased to announce that the following marinas, boat yards and yacht clubs have received or renewed their Clean Marine certifications. Well done!

KKMI Boatyard

Congratulations to KKMI Boatyard for their first Clean Marine certification - Helping to lead the way in boatyard certifications.

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CYM Glorietta Bay Marina

Congratulations to the team at CYM Glorietta Bay! You achieved an amazing 96% Clean Marine Recertification score!

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Neptune Marina

Achieving their first Clean Marine certification in March 2021 is the Neptune Marina. A hearty well done to their team!

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Pier 39 Marina

Congrats to Pier 39 Marina for their Clean Marine recertification on March 30th. Keeping the heart of San Francisco Bay Beautiful!

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CYM Chula Vista Marina

Hats off to CYM Chula Vista for achieving a fantastic 97% Clean Marine recertification score in April. Well done!

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Marina Del Rey Marina

A hearty congratulations to Marina Del Rey Marina on receiving their Clean Marine recertification in February 2021!!

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